Transforming Record-Keeping, Compliance, Auditing, and Legal Processes via High-Speed Scanning and Document Transformation Solutions

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As healthcare continues its relentless evolution, the sheer volume and complexity of documentation can pose significant challenges, especially when ensuring compliance, preparing for audits, and navigating the maze of legal processes. The archaic manual handling of such critical documents is no longer tenable in an age of technological advancement.

Join us for a deep dive into groundbreaking capabilities for scanning and document transformation solutions tailored specifically for the healthcare industry.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The Current State: An overview of documentation challenges in the contemporary healthcare landscape.
  • The Power of Automation: Discover the compelling advantages of automating documentation workflows, from efficiency enhancements to error reduction.
  • Focused on Scanning: Explore the latest scanning technologies and their pivotal role in creating digitized, easily accessible, and secure records.
  • Transformation Excellence: Delve into advanced document transformation methods that not only streamline processes but also reinforce compliance and audit-readiness.
  • Exploring the Future: Uncover the limitless possibilities in healthcare data management with AI-powered automation, including auto-classification and data extraction.

Whether you're a healthcare administrator, IT professional, or simply keen to modernize your institution's documentation processes, this webinar offers valuable insights to guide your automation journey. Join us and equip yourself with the knowledge to revolutionize your healthcare documentation workflows.

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John Burchenal | Head of Partnerships | Adlib Software | Webinar Host

John brings decades of experience in software business development, boasting an impressive portfolio in strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and cloud-based solutions. With deep knowledge of cash and derivatives markets, as well as regulatory intricacies, John maintains an extensive network with Global Advisories, ISVs, SEFs, and other major infrastructure players across the Americas and EMEA.

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Ed Stevens | Director of Strategic Innovations | P3iDtech | Featured Expert

Ed brings over 35 years of Document Capture and Management experience to P3iDtech.com. He started his career at Cerner Corporation and spent 25 years defining and delivering integrated Document management technologies into Cerner’s suite of 50+ Healthcare applications.  Ed’s wealth of experience and knowledge gives him unique insight into the Healthcare technology industry’s needs around capture, retrieval, and automation related to patient information.  His knowledge also provides crucial perspective for the secure, efficient, and accurate processing of Healthcare documents.

eric olsen

Eric Olsen | Senior Solution Engineer | Visioneer 

Over 30 years experience in Document Management solutions including scanning hardware, software, workflow and integration. Previous experience includes Field Engineering, Product Engineering, Education Specialist, System Engineering, Regional Technical Manager, Production Capture Marketing Manager and National Solutions Technical Manager. Currently working as Senior Sales Engineer at Visioneer, Inc. specializing in Xerox Document Scanners, Capture Solutions and integration.

Anthony Vigliotti



Anthony Vigliotti | Chief Product Officer | Adlib Software 

Anthony has 20+ years of experience in Business Workflow and Intelligent Document Processing segment with prior roles at Kofax, Nuance, Notable Solutions (NSi), and Xerox. Anthony brings a well-rounded set of experiences with solution-related roles in Product Management, Alliance and Partner Management, and Product Development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Information Technology, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors with a good bike ride or hike, learning to play guitar, or wrenching on cars in the garage.