Establishing Document Equilibrium Across Installation, Design and Operations in the Energy Sector

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In today's digital era, oil and gas companies are dealing with an enormous amount of data and documents, ranging from engineering designs and schematics to project proposals and contracts. With the increasing demand for collaboration and sharing of information, the need for effective document transformation solutions has become critical.

In this on-demand webinar, our experts defined the scope of unstructured data and provided insights on how to implement a robust document transformation strategy in the oil and gas industry.

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Revolutionizing Document Management in Oil & Gas:
A Success Story with O&G Exploration Company, Idox and Adlib

A private exploration and production company, after acquiring an area with approximately 800,000 acres of oil and gas development rights in Alberta, Canada, faced a significant challenge. They needed to find a document management solution that could be implemented quickly to store and manage thousands of inherited documents associated with the asset. The company's existing drawing management system could not cope with the increased data volume, and the team relied on a folder on a shared drive, which lacked proper checking, verification, and monitoring of documents. This lack of coordinated revision tracking made it difficult to maintain and retrieve information.

Moreover, all drawings needed to match the as-built asset, so if any items were missing or irretrievable, the team had to perform a site visit to re-create them, which drained resources, time, and money. To address these challenges and optimize their document management processes, the company partnered with Idox and Adlib to implement a robust, out-of-the-box, cloud-based solution that promised timely tracking and improved visibility.

In just 3 months, the company deployed Idox and Adlib and was able to support data management across 20,000 locations, increasing document management efficiency by 20%!

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Harry Chopra | CRO | Adlib Software | Webinar Host

Harry brings over 30 years of sales and marketing experience across various industries with a strong focus on understanding the exacting requirements of global regulatory bodies. His deep understanding of tech stacks paired with the insight into the management of complex organizations allows Harry to translate complex technical concepts into relatable topics and have valuable conversations with business leaders. These days Harry works with leading life sciences enterprises to better manage unstructured data made inaccessible across unsearchable company documents and to automate the creation of “document of record” to eliminate compliance and operational risks.

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Tim Fleet | VP of Business Development | Idox | Featured Expert

As VP of Business Development with the Engineering Information Management division of Idox, Tim Fleet drives key partnerships and entry into emerging markets. A well-known industry expert and frequent speaker at conferences, Tim has a strong track record delivering engineering information management solutions to industry within companies including Cimage Corporation, Sword, McLaren Software and Idox.

presenter CWilson

Colin Wilson | Lead Solution Consultant | Adlib Software | Expert

Colin is a tenured solution consultant and a document transformation expert. He brings years of experience assisting companies in their digital transformation journey.