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Transforming Mission-Critical Documents At Scale

Adlib Transform automates conversion, formatting and generation of machine-readable, technically compliant and submission-ready PDFs for highly regulated industries.

Watch Kunal, Adlib's Principal Product Manager, demonstrate how our advanced rendering functionalities produce rich PDFs that are ready for submission, audit and archival.

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“As per submission requirements, we must add bookmarks in a large document. With Adlib, it is very easy. Adlib’s system is organized and great at keeping structure once the document has been rendered to a PDF which is very important when dealing with documents that are up to 4,000 pages long."

Infrastructure Engineer, A Leading Pharmaceuticals Company

Auto-Generated Submission- and Archive-Ready Rich PDF

This is what we call a Document of Record.

It is a machine-readable and searchable PDF, that contains all necessary formatting elements required for e-discovery, audits, regulatory submissions and long-term preservation.

  • Custom Header/Footer 
  • Bookmarks and Table of Contents
  • Custom Watermarks & Stamping
  • Hyperlinks to Source Material
  • Encryption With Role-Based Password
Document of record - PDF-01

Rich PDF generated by Adlib from multiple files and file types.

Adlib automates document & compliance workflows with unmatched fidelity, speed, &  accuracy

Import & Convert

Adlib seamlessly integrates with your ECM to transform your content (MS files, CAD drawings, images, etc.) into universally accessible formats, enhancing cross-organizational collaboration and productivity.

Recognize & Enrich

Adlib process and converts volumes of enterprise documents into searchable formats and automatically inserts markups (watermarks, bookmarks, TOC, etc.), enhancing productivity and reducing manual processes.

Publish & Deliver

Adlib automatically merges individual documents and data into a streamlined file that is seamlessly delivered back into your ECM, ready to meet all the compliance and regulatory requirements.                                                    

Trusted Partner for 20-years to Global Brands

Life Sciences
Financial Services

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Of documents processed globally

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On delivering structured outcomes

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Rules-driven document processing workflows

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For high-fidelity rendering use cases

Adlib Can Help!

Our Document Transformation Experts look forward to hearing about your current business challenges, and helping your organization achieve more intelligent business operations.

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