Safeguarding submissions while minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency like never before

Toronto, CANADA - December 4, 2023Adlib Software, a global leader in document transformation and workflow automation solutions, today announced the launch of its latest software release. This release includes a range of enhancements designed to benefit diverse industries, demonstrating Adlib’s commitment to innovation and efficiency across multiple sectors. These advancements underscore the company’s dedication to providing a versatile solution that caters to the needs of their clients. In addition, this release introduces an innovative validator tool, tailor-made to streamline and perfect regulatory submissions for enterprises in the life science sector.

“Each of these features has been carefully crafted with the feedback and insights from our clients, ensuring that they meet the real-world needs of professionals” said Helen Rosen, Chief Executive Officer, Adlib Software. “With this latest release, we are empowering our clients to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy. This step forward in our technology continues to help streamline their work, ensuring they can meet and exceed their operational goals with confidence.”

Key Features and Benefits in Adlib’s latest release:

  1. Rapid auto-scaling: Containerization makes it easier for clients to achieve rapid auto-scaling of software instances.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: Automated checks to guarantee that submissions align with regulatory standards, minimizing potential compliance issues.
  3. Enhanced Document Processing: faster processing with optional native application rendering for improved efficiency and user control.
  4. REST API: While maintaining backwards compatibility with SOAP API for existing clients, Adlib has now implemented REST API for easy integration.
  5. Application Performance Monitoring Systems: Introducing the integration with application performance monitoring tools, giving clients the power to configure their own alerts and widgets and the ability to monitor using their own application.
  6. Documentum 22.4: Adib’s latest release now supports the Documentum 22.4 DFS Connector.

In this release, we also paid special attention to the unique demands of the life science industry. Our team worked closely with industry experts and clients to develop enhancements that address the specific challenges faced by professionals in this field. These sector-specific additions include:

  • Regulatory Validator: Designed with the unique requirements of the life sciences industry in mind, the regulatory validator ensures industry-specific compliance.
  • Future-ready foundation: Strategically laid a robust foundation within the platform for future enhancements tailored to the evolving needs of the life science segment.

“Navigating the intricate world of life sciences regulatory filings can be challenging and Adlib’s new regulatory validator tool is built to mitigate those complexities” stated Anthony Vigliotti, Chief Product Officer, Adlib Software. “Accuracy and compliance in regulatory submissions are of the utmost importance in the life science field. Our validator tool epitomizes our dedication to offering clients sophisticated solutions that simplify and elevate their submission process.”

This latest software update represents more than just technological advancements; it reflects Adlib’s continuous commitment to catering to the intricate needs of our clients in all sectors. Building on the foundation set by our previous release, this update brings enhanced capabilities and innovative features that not only streamline regulatory submissions but also simplify the user experience. At every step of development, we have been guided by feedback by our dedicated user base, ensuring that our solution remains deeply aligned with the actual demands of the industry.

Current clients on the newest Adlib subscription will be able to access this new release starting on December 6, 2023. For a deeper dive into the Adlib software and new features please visit Adlib’s website, adlibsoftware.com, or contact us for a personalized demo.


About Adlib

Adlib Software, a Diversis Capital Company, is the document transformation and workflow automation solution leader helping organizations scale document workflows, expedite go-to-market activities, and improve archival and compliance submissions. Adlib Software fully automates discovery, extraction, and conversion of information from hundreds of document types, and makes them shareable and searchable. The biggest names in life sciences, energy, finance, and industrials trust Adlib for pixel perfect rendering. Adlib is a proud partner of leading RIM, QMS, ECM, and IT solutions and service providers across regulated industries, including life sciences, energy, manufacturing, insurance, financial services, as well as government. To learn more, visit www.adlibsoftware.com.