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Automate Public Record Processing & Meet Regulatory Obligations



The Emerging Role of Document Transformation and AI Technology in Public Office Administration

Learn how current document transformation and future AI technologies have the potential to ensure regulatory compliance, boost citizen engagement and improve inter-departmental collaboration in government administration.

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Government Agencies Rely On Adlib To Comply With Federal & State Record-Keeping Regulations


Access and assemble unstructured data into archive-ready documents.


Automate error-prone, time-consuming, manual documentation processes.


Seamless integration with employee and public record-keeping systems.

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How Adlib Helps
Government Agencies


and ingest data from internally-focused and public-facing documentation.


any file format into readable, searchable, NARA-compliant PDF/A files.


and assemble multiple files into cohesive, digitally-tagged documents. 


documentation by adding headers, footers, watermarks, and tables of contents.


and save files into user-specified folders for downstream processing.


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Customer Success Stories

A Federal Agency Trusts Adlib For Document Preservation

When the agency needed to manage and preserve over 11 million historical and governmental records from multiple government departments, the federal agency turned to Adlib.

Adlib Creates Operational Efficiencies For A North-American City Administration

As part of an effort to create efficiencies through documentation automation, Adlib provided this city administration with an automated solution for rendering and assembling employee payroll records from multiple sources.

A Government Agency Achieves NARA Compliance With Adlib

This federal agency chose Adlib to deliver a reliable and scalable solution for storing, sharing, and archiving classified communication documents in accordance with NARA guidelines.

Featured Resources

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The Finer Points of
Document Security


Best Practices For Effective Document Archival


Advanced Rendering: Optimizing Business Process Efficiency Through Document Transformation

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