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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Adlib Software and what does it do?

Adlib Software’s Transform Platform is a document conversion and content intelligence platform that enables organizations to convert unstructured data into “documents of record” so they can manage compliance, operational, audit and regulatory risks. Adlib’s Transform Platform interoperates with content management systems to retrieve documents across multiple formats and implement business rules to create documents of record in PDF format and deliver them back to content management applications. This results in readable-searchable Enterprise Document Repositories that comprise “documents of record” and “critical data elements” that than can be extracted from such repositories.

What are the main features of Adlib Software?

Adlib Software’s Transform Platform implements:

  • Native Document Ingestion, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Business Rules to create Documents of Record
  • Document Security and Archival
  • Pixel perfect publishing of Documents of Record in PDF
  • Audit trail of the document transformation processed

In addition, Transform AI builds the capability to extract Critical Data Elements resident within repositories of readable-searchable PDFs for industry or client specific implementations. In addition, the Transform Platform interoperates with industry leading content management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet and email systems such as MS Exchange.


What types of industries benefit from using Adlib Software?

Adlib Software is ideal for industries that generate large volumes of unstructured data that has to be managed to mitigate compliance, operational, audit and regulatory risks. Major industries use that to leverage our capabilities are as follows:

  • Life Sciences, where much of the clinical trial data originates from unstructured sources and has to be managed across regulatory filings and manufacturing
  • Energy, where data on Upstream Assets (Wells) or Downstream Assets (Refineries) originates across CAD/CAM and multiple file formats and must be transformed to enable Asset Lifecycle Information Management
  • Insurance, where claims information originates across email, images and MS-Office file formats and must be managed to drive operational efficiency for Claims Processing
  • Financial Services, where account openings, signatures, and signatory changes, in Retail and Commercial Banking must be OCR’d. In addition, valuation models and investment banking agreements must be captured as “documents of record” for Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Manufacturing and Transportation, where unstructured data must be captured to have records against production and delivery
  • Government and Judiciary Agencies, that require the creation and retention of “documents of record” to meet legal requirements

In addition, Adlib Software is also useful for any organization that needs to manage and analyze large amounts of data in various formats.


How does Adlib Software help organizations with compliance and governance?

Adlib software helps organizations meet compliance and governance requirements by implementing a set of business rules upon ingesting documents across several formats to deliver a “document of record”. These business rules define the creation of a custom header-footer, watermarks and the auto-generation of a table of contents, besides combining multiple formats into a single readable-searchable PDF. The result is an audit ready document that meets compliance and governance requirements. In addition, Adlib Software’s Transform Platform also implements document security and archival features when rendering documents of record to be in compliance with such policies resident within an organization. Finally, it also provides audit trails and reporting capabilities to help organizations track and monitor document activity.

How much does Adlib Software cost?

Adlib Software pricing varies based on the specific needs of each organization. Book a consultation to see how Adlib can help your organization. 

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Can Adlib Software handle large volumes of data?

Yes, Adlib delivers high-speed processing and batch conversion capabilities, simultaneously handling millions of documents of various types and unique conversion requirements.

How does Adlib differentiate from other document conversion solutions?

Adlib’s Transform Platform delivers against a deep understanding of Document Management Architecture, that reflects over 20 years of experience and client requirements in the management of unstructured data. Adlib provides enterprises with higher quality output, at scale and with the auditability needed to meet the most rigid requirements of regulated industries.

Does Adlib Software offer any reporting or analytics capabilities?

Yes, Adlib provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, including dashboards and visualizations, to help you gain actionable insights to optimize document processing.

What kind of ROI can organizations expect from using Adlib Software?

Organizations can expect to see significant ROI from using Adlib Software, when it comes to mitigating compliance, audit, operational and regulatory risks. Transform Platform implementations result in improved efficiency, reduced costs, increased productivity, and better compliance and governance. Adlib Software has helped organizations in various industries save millions of dollars by converting their unstructured data into “documents of record”.

What is unstructured data?

Information that falls neatly into rows and columns that can be sorted, like a spreadsheet, is considered structured data. It can be easily accessed and modified. On the other hand, unstructured data emanates across:

  • CAD/CAM Drawings
  • an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs
  • a word document with embedded images
  • Images from faxes or phones
  • emails with Word, Excel, PowerPoint attachments
  • PDFs
  • paper.

These are all examples of unstructured data because values within this information are difficult to search and extract without the correct tools. Read our blog to understand what unstructured data is costing you.



What kind of support and training does Adlib Software offer?

Adlib Software offers comprehensive support and training programs to help organizations get the most out of the software. This includes online training, user guides, and a knowledge base, as well as customer support through phone, email, and chat.

Does Adlib Software offer any mobile apps or support for mobile devices?

Adlib software does not currently offer any mobile apps, but the platform is designed to be accessible from any device with an internet connection. The web-based interface is responsive and can be accessed from any device.



How easy is it to integrate Adlib Software into existing systems?

Adlib is designed to seamlessly connect to your data wherever it resides with standard APIs and many pre-built connectors to popular content services platforms.


Does Adlib Software handle multiple languages?

Yes, Adlib Software supports over 100 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many others.

How does Adlib Software handle security and data privacy?

Adlib Software takes security and data privacy very seriously and follows industry best practices to ensure that customer data is protected. This includes encryption of data in transit and at rest, secure data centers, and regular security audits and assessments.
Adlib Software is SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA certified.

Can Adlib Software be customized to meet specific business needs?

Yes, Adlib software can be customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. It offers flexible configuration options, as well as custom development services to build tailored solutions.

Is Adlib Software available as a cloud-based solution?

Adlib offers flexible deployment options, allowing for easy implementation either on-premises or in a private cloud, which can be tailored to align with your deployment strategy.

How long does it take to implement Adlib Software?

The implementation time for Adlib Software varies depending on the size and complexity of the organization's content and document processes. Adlib Software offers a rapid deployment option for organizations that need to get up and running quickly, as well as custom implementation services for more complex projects.


Industry Specific

Can Adlib Software be used for eDiscovery and litigation support?

Yes, Adlib Software can be used for eDiscovery and litigation support by automatically extracting key data and metadata from documents and enabling organizations to quickly search and analyze large volumes of content.



File types

How does Adlib Software handle complex document formats, such as CAD and engineering drawings?

Adlib easily converts files like DWG maintaining optimal file integrity by preserving the layers encoded in the original CAD file from design applications such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks.


Does Adlib Software also deal with other formats apart from DWG?

Yes, Adlib PDF supports over a dozen of the most common CAD file formats, including DWG, as well as DXF, IAM, IDW, IPT, DLV, and PRT.

Does Adlib Software support MS Visio files?

Adlib PDF converts over 300+ file types including Visio. You could render both CAD and Visio and merge them into a single document.

Does Adlib require the original CAD software for rendering to PDF?

No, the Adlib Software platform does not need the original CAD software. Adlib can handle complex document formats and convert them into searchable PDFs or other formats that can be easily managed, analyzed, and archived.